Career Stage(s): PhD Candidate (with Masters), Postdoc & Junior Researcher,

Funding Type(s): Staff funding only, Support for International Collaborations, Business Collaboration,

Deadline: 21-04-2023 14:00 CET

Call launch: ONLY 1 CALL IN 2023


The aim of the Industrial Fellowships programme (formerly AFR-PPP) is to foster the cooperation between Luxembourg based companies active in R&D and public research institutions in Luxembourg and/or abroad. The scheme awards PhD and Postdoc grants to researchers who carry out their PhD and/or postdoc training in collaboration with a company in Luxembourg. The scheme is open to all scientific domains, and to all researchers, regardless of their nationality. Collaborating companies must have a presence in Luxembourg.

The Industrial Fellowship scheme has two strands:

  1. Projects carried out in Luxembourg (IN): More than 50% of research time is spent in Luxembourg, under an employment contract.
  2. Projects carried out abroad (OUT): More than 50% of research time is spent outside Luxembourg, under an employment contract, but at least 25% of the work has to be spent at the company in Luxembourg.

The specific objectives of the programme are to:

  1. Prepare young scientists not only for an academic career, but also help in acquiring the necessary skills and competences for the private job market;
  2. Support knowledge transfer between higher education institutions and Luxembourg based companies active in R&D;
  3. Promote the development of industrial research capacity in Luxembourg through the recruitment of early stage researchers and the concomitant implementation of partnerships between companies and public research organisations.


  • Postdoc grants are funded for 1 – 2 years
  • PhD grants are funded for up to 4 years.


The FNR pays the host institution a predefined amount towards the annual salary costs of the researcher on the INDUSTRIAL FELLOWSHIPS project. Collaborating companies are required to contribute with 15% of the FNR funding to the salary of the grantee.


  • 1 Call in 2023
  • Funding decisions are communicated no more than 3 months after the submission deadline
  • The project should be jointly developed by the applicant, the company and the public partner (e.g. the university)


Luxembourg’s National Innovation Portal offers a list of national partners, which researchers may find useful when looking for an industry partner.


Download the A3 poster or the flyer with descriptions.

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