Career Stage(s): Established Researcher, Leading Researcher,

Funding Type(s): Project Funding,

Deadline: 06-06-2019 14:00 CET


The OPEN programme provides funding for a limited number of high quality research projects in areas that are currently not covered by the FNR’s thematic CORE programme.

It aims at supporting established researchers to pursue innovative research projects of high scientific quality in emerging research areas in Luxembourg. OPEN is restricted to experienced researchers with a proven track record in their respective field.

New for 2019 Call

The FNR has signed the “Declaration on Research Assessment (DORA)” and therefore has introduced changes in how it assesses research proposals. This means that FNR evaluates quality and impact independently of journal-based metrics and give value to all research outputs. The call related guidelines have been adapted accordingly.


OPEN projects have a lifespan of 2 – 3 years.


  • The FNR allocates a maximum financial contribution of 1.3 MEUR for the OPEN 2019 Call which should allow to fund up to two projects.
  • Co-funding of a minimum of 25% of the total project costs (all partners included) by the contracting research institution is required.


  • 1 call per year
  • The 2019 OPEN Call was launched on 13 December 2018. The deadline is Thursday, 6 June 2019. Funding results of the 2019 Call will be communicated by mid-October 2019.
  • All applications must be submitted via the FNR Online Grant Management System
  • Please take note of the format requirements, these can be found in the Project Description Form
  • The formal submission of the proposal to the FNR is done by an official representative of the host institution
  • Applicants should be aware that if the proposal falls within the thematic remit of CORE, the proposal will be rejected.

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