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Latest News

PSP Programme Modifications and Simplified Application Procedure

The FNR announces modifications to its PSP programme as well as a simplified application procedure.

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The ATTRACT Call for Proposals 2015 is open!

The FNR has the pleasure to announce the launch of the ATTRACT Call for Proposals 2015. The full proposal deadline is 1 April 2015.

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PEARL Programme Modifications and Launch of New Call 2014

The FNR announces modifications to its PEARL Programme as well as the launch of a New Call for Proposals.

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Changes of the AFR postdoc scheme under the newly signed FNR Performance Contract 2014-2017

The FNR informs that the AFR postdoc scheme will change as of 2015.

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Promoting Scientific Excellence: 232 MEUR for the FNR for 2014-2017

On 26 June, Secretary of State for Higher Education and Research Marc Hansen signed a multi-year agreement with the FNR which determines the State's contribution to the FNR as well as a series of objectives that the FNR will have to achieve.

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Feu vert pour la réorganisation du FNR

La recherche au cœur du débat en séance publique

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